Friday, June 17, 2011

The Stronger

I just realized why girls are deffinitely stronger than men.
We play the hardest of the games, we stand through the hardest time, we provide more than money, strength, and testosterone.
We play the game of love. We stay with them no matter what the situation may be. If they break up with us we still care with undying love untill we`re sure they meant to leave us and beyond. If they cheat, we still believe they care kind hearted and didn`t mean it. If they are mean to us we shrug it off without a second though and still give them unconditional love. If they tell us to believe we trust. If the tell us that they love us, well it doesn`t matter because we loved them just as much as we did before you said those words. We provide them with more love than they will ever get from a friend. We are companions that truely stick with them through anything. What has a girl done for you? What is the worst thing you have put her through? And remember she was still there waiting for you to calm down. How long has she waited for you to call her back or kiss her for the first time again or for you to give her an ounce of hope? She will wait. Turn back and she will be there. She will wait.

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