Friday, July 22, 2011

Fall 2011 matched easy!

We always see the new fashion trends for next season. It goes something like this; Look, like it, but wouldn`t wear it from fear of not being able to pull it off. I looked up five of the newest trends for Fall 2011 and provided examples of ways to wear them. Sometimes it feels like Runway just gives the most daring fashionist options to wear, but here are some ways that anyone can wear these new clothes.
1. Lace
Pair bold lace pieces with more conservative or plain ones to keep a nice balance. Trendy yet not a table cloth.
2. Sheer
Layers are key to this style. Wear lightly patterned or neutral camisoles underneath to keep covered. Pair with ultra girly bottoms and accessories.

 3. Huge Sweaters and Skirts...together

Sounds kind of risky but by pairing your top and bottoms to match easily, anyone can rock this look.
4. Bold Jackets/Trenches
What`s not to love about a signature jacket? Show of your more daring side with a bold coat.
5. Clashing Patterns
 My best advice is to try on different styles together to find what works for you.