Sunday, August 21, 2011

Make up tutorial #1

Make up tutorial #1
that`s me all non made up :3
and this is the make up pallet that I`ll be using along with pearl minerall foundation power from physicians formula and the famous green and pink mascara.
this is after I put on my foundation. I personally really love the pearl foundation because it gives you an amazing glow. I also lightly swept a light glittery brown over my top and bottom lids, then I put a light shimmery nude under my eye brows and on my inner corner.
then take a darker matte brown and sweep it in a C shape in the outter crease of you eye. start by layering it lightly then apply a little more at the lash line so the shadow is a bit darker there. it helps boots your lashes. then take a small flat brush, dip in water as much as needed, wipe over a dark shade of eyeshadow, then apply like liner.
use mascar, blush, and lip color and you`re done!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Photos

So not only am I a fashionista in the works, but I`m also a photographer.
Here is my latest project; Alycia and Lauren.
Both are my gorgeous friends who recieved haircuts by myself before this photoshoot.
Taken at Alycia`s house and the field beside it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Clinton Kelly-

"Your clothes tell people the way you want to be treated."
The truest statement about fashion there is. A reason to keep up on trends, create your own style. Without style what would people think? Of coarse, you might be thinking "Well I don`t care what anyone thinks about me." I think it is important to care. You don`t go anywhere in life without the help of someone else; a boss, a boyfriend, anyone you`re trying to impress professionally. Just think about it this way, two girls, similar talents and skills, but one is wearing a nice dress, hair done, and heels while the other is in a tee shirt, messy hair, and jeans. One looks screams unprofessional, not put together, and "I do not take care of myself," while the other says "I`m ready for anything, you keep up with the latest (what business isn`t looking for the newest thing?), and that you care about what others (customers) will think. What about boys? I think that is simple enough. Of coarse they will get to know your personality but will they approach you in a sloppy outfit? First impressions are always happening, so who knows who you will have to impress unexpectedly.
Looks show our personality and how we want to be percieved. A business woman dresses to be a profesionsal, an artist wears quirky styles to show their creativity, an athlete dresses to show their pride and their passions. This applies also to the dark side of fashion; the hoes dress skimpy to get guys, the older dress too young for their age, the insecure wear distracting clothes to take the attention off themselves.

You are the only one that can move yourself ahead, no one else. Whether we like it or not, care or not; your style reflects who you are and it rubs off on other people. To be that powerful, confident, put together woman we must go out and show it.

Basic when you go back (to school)