Sunday, June 12, 2011

my beef against Tyra Banks.

Cycle 16 ANTM, of course everyone has their favorites. Mine?  Brittani Kline. She is absoluetley fabulous. 5 ft 10.5 in which is a little (a lot) taller than I am but we both have dark brown hair and green eyes. I`m in love with her edgy, retro look that she aquired and her beautiful face.
Now on Episode 7, the most dramatic panel on the Top Model history, she was placed on the bottom two caused by her angry confrontation with Alexandria, where the judges' decision were divided with Tyra Banks being the only one who wanted her to leave. So the reason for the argument was when the girls were competing to be cast as a role model, Alexandria, whom everyone in the house agreed at the time that she was not what you would call a role model, won the challenge. At panel the two bickered infront of the judges where Tyra might as well had told Brittani to shut up and let the mean girls win. I agree with Brittani. Why would you want another heartless girl with a pretty face stand up as a role model for the world of girls when she actually has nothing to give and a hidden bad attitude? If the client knew that Alexandria was just putting on a fake face would she really choose her? Would you want someone who`s fake or nice on and off screen? Maybe Alexandria won the panel by winning over Tyra but Brittani won that Cycle of ANTM. (:


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