Friday, June 17, 2011

The Stronger

I just realized why girls are deffinitely stronger than men.
We play the hardest of the games, we stand through the hardest time, we provide more than money, strength, and testosterone.
We play the game of love. We stay with them no matter what the situation may be. If they break up with us we still care with undying love untill we`re sure they meant to leave us and beyond. If they cheat, we still believe they care kind hearted and didn`t mean it. If they are mean to us we shrug it off without a second though and still give them unconditional love. If they tell us to believe we trust. If the tell us that they love us, well it doesn`t matter because we loved them just as much as we did before you said those words. We provide them with more love than they will ever get from a friend. We are companions that truely stick with them through anything. What has a girl done for you? What is the worst thing you have put her through? And remember she was still there waiting for you to calm down. How long has she waited for you to call her back or kiss her for the first time again or for you to give her an ounce of hope? She will wait. Turn back and she will be there. She will wait.

The Huge Wall of Products

Everyone hates that feeling of walking into the beauty isle of Walmart or CVS and you see lots a brands that your friend`s brother`s cousin mentioned was really great once or that product that the only good thing about it is the pretty packaging. So I`m going to give my product recomendations and some of the techniques I use to apply them. All of these I have personal experience with using, and probably use today.
Since I don`t like to mislead anyone, I`ll tell you I have a normal skin type that doesn`t become oily or dry very often. The only huge downfall to my skin is that I have some redness around my nose, the apples of my cheeks, and my chin. I`m sure my skin has some effect on how these products interact with my body so if you have oily or dry skin, I can`t completely promise they`ll work the same way. Also, I have long, dark, but not very curly eye lashes and long, naturally straight dark hair that holds styles very well.

^^  me with air dried hair and with many of these product on. Second, my favorite make up box.
I`ll go from start to finish on the products I use for my normal beauty regime when I go out.
Favorite Skin and Hair Products
1. Clean and Clear - My daily face wash. It`s the first wash that hasn`t dried out my skin or irritated it.
2. Clinique Daily Mouisturizer - Great mouisture that doesn`t make yur skin oily but you can deffinitely feel the difference after you use it. Plus it last for a really long time - covers alot of skin with very little product
3. Clinique 7 Day Scrub - I use this at the same time as my face wash. Love the feel of the exfoliating beads. Doesn`t break out my skin or dry it.
4. Garnier Fructis Nutrient Spray - Your hair will love you for this! Deffinitely worth buying. Use it daily before any styling. I usually use it after my shower but you can use it any time. Doesn`t make your hair oily. This is great for color processed hair or really dry hair.
5. Jergens Natural Glow - A great gradual tan. At first it was a little bit spotty but within a few more days it evened out great. You can use as much or as little as you like and since it`s a foam its not greasy. Works well with natural tanning and will continually darken skin no matter how tan you get. The only con for this product is that you will keep a little sticky for about 5 minutes after you use this.

Favorite Make-up

1.Loreal Paris Bare Natural Mineral Make-up - I was extremely skeptical that a powder foundation could cover up any flaws or redness on my face but this works very well. It stays put for the most part too.
2.Victoria`s Secret Luxuria Eyeshadow - The eyeshadow works extremely well if you just dab your brush in some water before using it. I love the flawless shimmer it gives and the colors are so rich.
3. Femme Couture Baked Eye Duo - This is my newest product that I`ve discovered while splurging on make-up. If it wasn`t so expensive (or maybe I`m just cheap) this would be a perfect eyeshadow. Very easy application and has the vibrant and full tones that I look for. Plus this is the darkest brown shadow I`ve found.
4. Clinique Blush - Works better than the many blushes I`ve used. It looks very natural and a ton of it doesn`t come off on my brush in one sweep so I don`t look like a clown. I would never switch to another.
5. Maybelline Pearl Lipstick - This lipstick feels great on my lips and isn`t sticky or too slick, plus the colors are very natural which I love.
6. Wet and Wild Purple Pallett - I love this pallett! For cheap make-up that most believe can never be good, I love this. I always use a wet brush to apply this make up and it has a great hold and shine to it. Plus look how many colors you get! I usually use the darkest purple as eyeliner.
7. Great Lash - Of coarse isn`t it America`s number one mascara? Well untill recently I didn`t believe them but I tried it andyway and I love it. Very full lashes with and without curling them first.

Hope these help next time you go beauty shopping! <3

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two of my Stylebook posts have been featured on Chictopia!

These are two of the photos I`ve found while searching across the internet and they`ve inspired me so they ended up on my Chictopia account. Both were seperately featured on the front page of Chictopia`s website. Credit goes to the original photographers. Hopefully soon I`ll have the rescorces to make great photoshoots inspired by these photographs.

my beef against Tyra Banks.

Cycle 16 ANTM, of course everyone has their favorites. Mine?  Brittani Kline. She is absoluetley fabulous. 5 ft 10.5 in which is a little (a lot) taller than I am but we both have dark brown hair and green eyes. I`m in love with her edgy, retro look that she aquired and her beautiful face.
Now on Episode 7, the most dramatic panel on the Top Model history, she was placed on the bottom two caused by her angry confrontation with Alexandria, where the judges' decision were divided with Tyra Banks being the only one who wanted her to leave. So the reason for the argument was when the girls were competing to be cast as a role model, Alexandria, whom everyone in the house agreed at the time that she was not what you would call a role model, won the challenge. At panel the two bickered infront of the judges where Tyra might as well had told Brittani to shut up and let the mean girls win. I agree with Brittani. Why would you want another heartless girl with a pretty face stand up as a role model for the world of girls when she actually has nothing to give and a hidden bad attitude? If the client knew that Alexandria was just putting on a fake face would she really choose her? Would you want someone who`s fake or nice on and off screen? Maybe Alexandria won the panel by winning over Tyra but Brittani won that Cycle of ANTM. (: