Portrait Questionaire

Thanks for taking my portrait questionaire! This will help me get a better idea of how you would like your finished photos to turn out. Just copy and paste this quiz in your email or facebook then send it to me!
E-mail - meenaxgracex19@aol.com

Portrait Occasion:
What do you want your images to say about you? What do you want people to think when they see your photos?:
Share some ideas that you would like to incorporate into your photoshoot:
What are some of your interests that you would like to reflect in your photoshoot? (fashion, art, sports, music, etc.):
Are there any props you would like to bring or have?:
Best Features:
Favorite magazines, tv shows, music:
Do you have any locations in mind?:
What are your favorite clothing stores?:
What is your ideal styling for your photos?:
How would you describe your sense of style?:

Here are some kinds of photography you often see in portraits. Please estimate what percentage of each kind of photo you would like to be in the final CD of photos so I can give you the best photos.
Candid: __%   (In the moment; completely natural and unposed)
Natural: __% (semi-posed; natural poses and planned pictures)
Formal: __% (I will pose you. Looking at the camera, smiles, all that jazz)
Details: __% (These photos will be more focused (literally) on your interests and props.)

Finished Photo Editing:
Nautral: __% (Not much editing, just a little enhancing)
Color Wash: __% (A light tint over your photos. If you see my facebook, an example of this would be the photos of Morgan Napolillo that are almost purple in color)
Black and White:__%
Other Effects?: