Sunday, August 21, 2011

Make up tutorial #1

Make up tutorial #1
that`s me all non made up :3
and this is the make up pallet that I`ll be using along with pearl minerall foundation power from physicians formula and the famous green and pink mascara.
this is after I put on my foundation. I personally really love the pearl foundation because it gives you an amazing glow. I also lightly swept a light glittery brown over my top and bottom lids, then I put a light shimmery nude under my eye brows and on my inner corner.
then take a darker matte brown and sweep it in a C shape in the outter crease of you eye. start by layering it lightly then apply a little more at the lash line so the shadow is a bit darker there. it helps boots your lashes. then take a small flat brush, dip in water as much as needed, wipe over a dark shade of eyeshadow, then apply like liner.
use mascar, blush, and lip color and you`re done!

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