Monday, August 1, 2011

Why do we think this way?

I`m going to talk about the five biggest mistakes I see kids at my school constantly making and relying on. Numerous times I have passes people in the hallway or out in the city and have seen them making these mistakes. Now I`m not saying that doing this every once and a while isn`t okay or that these trends look bad on you, but I`ve came to the conclusion that some people think this looks good when they do it all the time.

Number One.
Good looking natural hair is great. You wake up, brush it, and go. But not everyone is blessed with that so you put it up in a bun everyday. Why? Because you are lazy.
Hair is a girls holy grail of their style. Not only is it an accessory and defining style, but its your body too. Treat it as a temple. No shirt, dress, or high heels can make up for a drab, plain, "I wake up late....everyday" hairstyle.
Every type of hair has a easy fix for its type.
Straight hair? A quality straightener or blow dryer can make a pin straight style in minutes.
Curly hair? Curl cream or a diffuser will save your strands.
Wavy hair? Smoothing cream, and you`re done!
And we can`t forget about a cute updo! Youtube videos, bobby pins, spin pins, braids? There are many possibilites other than a plain old bun.

Number Two.
Do I even have to explain why wearing this everyday is a crime in itself? Let`s try fit.
A trash bag might show off your body more than this style. Just look that them. What do you think they were made for? Athletes that need lots of room for sports; hence the "sweat" in sweatpants. And last time I checked, sweat isn`t classy or beautiful when you`re not exercizing so neither is your baggy, old sweatsuit.
And NO ONE can ever use the excuse that they`re uncomfortable with their body to wear fitted clothes. Sweat clothes and tee shirts just hide and UNFLATTER your body even more. They make you look bigger and lumpy; one figure no one wants.
Trust me, you can flatter any type of body!
And to be blunt, this constant style says sloppy, lazy, and unkept. Seriously? Hobo-chic or Classy, Sassy, Heels, Jeans, and a Nice Blouse?

Number Three.
They are called leggins for a reason. They aren`t pants. You might as well spray paint your legs black. Do you know the feeling you get when someone that is bigger wears a way too tight shirt? I get the same feeling when you wear leggings. Your butt cheeks hang out, your panty line shows how trashy you can be, and my favorite is the wonderful camel toe you`ll sport. Next time you wear them, just remember we can see it allllll jiggling and maybe you will put on some nice bottoms.

Number Four.
You know that lovely PINK brand sweat clothes that are just so comfy and great!? Yeah we`ll not only do they make you round and lumpy like a fruit, but also the color of fruit. You wouldn`t wear a green shirt and green jeans because it`s too much green, so are sweat clothes an excuse? No.

Number Five.
Brown marshmellow shoes. No style. And again, lazy. There are plenty of comfortable and fashionable shoes out there. Excuse? No. I have a 4.0, I dance, am an editor in yearbook, I sing, I act, I eat, I work, I DO IT ALL IN HEELS.

Rememeber, Beauty and Frumpy are both easy. Only beauty will get you farther.

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